Im learning to count my blessings

I am learning to count my blessings

I need to say thank you to a lot of people in my life, who have stood by my decisions in life

Thank you Ruzbeh Uncle for pushing me towards homeschooling and I wish I had listened to you earlier, I am so much happier now. You are my guru and the one who guides me on every turn of life. Ruzbeh Uncle you are that one person who encouraged me to do more and achieve it. I am blessed to have you as my mentor.

I thank my MOM the most as she not only guides me in my life but also ueven became my editor. Well… every famous personality has an editor so why not me?? If you see I have the worlds most best editor- my mom!!

I thank you mom for supporting and always being a part of my madness. I thank you for helping me to get over my fears and show everybody that I am worth it. I would never forget what u have done for me.

To my grandparents (who I treat as friends) without whom my life would never be the same, to my nana a for being like a father and a sibling I can fight with, to my nani for cooking and teaching me how to cook the worlds tastiest food!!

Deepa Ma’am when i think of school I think of Billabong, then you as my principal, the happy times with you as a principal. You always used to set new opportunities for us and you took control of everything like a TRUE LEADER. Your affection towards me has changed me as a person.

I haven’t given up on education, just gave up schooling.

Ma’am because of your trust and your support I am where I am.

Ananya -You’re that friend who never losses hope in me, in whatever I have done. School was a happy place because I always had you by my side. I know for sure that whatever we do or wherever life leads us.. we will always be there for each other. I am proud to have friend like you.

I thank Ashish Mama the most because he is like an amazing father and yet I feel we share a brotherhood connection between us. So its one relation that cannot be defined. Ashish mama, I wish someday I would be as successful and witty as you.

Sandeep Mama is my idol, the one who I would like to be. I love the fact that he is so calm and never talks about his achievements. You teach me that life doesn’t always go as we plan it, and we must accept all that life throws at us with a smile!

Sonu Masi your like a mom to me, thank you for all the love and support you give to both mom and me. I know your the person to call when mom is being unreasonable :p

Thank you to my favourite cousins for being there for me and loving me unconditionally – Tanvi didi, Piyu Didi, Rohil Bhaiya, Priyanka, Prena you guys are my lifeline !

To my friend Shreshtha because you are the only friend who can kick my butt and show me the mirror without judging me. You re that friend who makes me try new things and teaches me not be afraid of life’s challenges.

2019 Legislative Day April 9th

Legislation Day 2019 is fast coming … and we need you in Albany!

April 9, 2019

We will have a pre-event for the youth and any adults that would like to participate on April 8th.  Holiday Inn Express Downtown Albany.  The information is on the registration page.  We do want you to know that a TEAM is coming this year from Generation Joshua to help.

We have a bill to get passed in the Assembly this year pertaining to “Equal Access” to college by homeschool students.  We need numbers to keep the momentum!

Please Register as early as possible … this helps with planning

See you at the Capital in Albany!

Michael & Carolyn Bailey

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Darien Lake 2019 Homeschool Day

2019 Darien Lake Amusement Park Homeschool Day

  • Tuesday, August 6th  10:30 am- 10 pm

Cost:  $19/person (regular price $38.99)

– 1 free with purchase of 15

  • 9993 Allegheny Road, Darien Center, NY 14040
  • NEW Parking cost is $20/car
  • Waterpark included in price
  • Children 2 and under free
  • Open to all – friends & family may join you

Sign-up and pay by Monday, July 15th 

Send Payment, along with self-addressed stamped envelope and email/phone number

To:  Angela Schneider – 18 Phyllis Lane, Rochester, NY  14624

Questions – Angela Schneider

 (585) 414-2092

Tickets will be mailed via United States Mail

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Lantern Phrama Selects REPROCELL Inc., for Drug Screening and…

Lantern Pharma a clinical stage oncology biotech leveraging A.I. and machine learning genomics company has selected REPROCELL Inc. to provide drug screening and drug sensitivity services.

(PRWeb November 11, 2019)

Read the full story at

Peek amp Find Thanksgiving

Peek and Find Thanksgiving

We have a new Peek & Find for Thanksgiving! Peek & Find is a great activity for for Tot Schoolers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners and beyond! There are a few variations to this activity can easily grow with your child’s ability!

You can also add in some fun elements to the activity, or simply print, cut, and play! Below I will share the free printable, ideas for different levels of play, and fun variations.

There are two main elements of the Peek & Find activity.

The “FIND” boards, available in color or BW…

Peek and Find Thanksgiving Printables (1) Peek and Find Thanksgiving Printables (2)


The “PEEK” cards…

Peek and Find Thanksgiving Printables (3)

Print the board, selecting color for younger kids to make it easier and selecting BW for older kids to make it more difficult. Print the cards, on cardstock if possible and cut them out. Laminate if you plan to use these cards repeatedly.

Looking for a great color printing option? See our favorite printer and ink here!


A few options for play…

Option #1 {single player}

Print the Peek & Find board.

Print the cards and cut out.

Mix up the cards, choose one at a time and find the object on the Peek & Find board. Color, circle, or mark the object.

Option #2 {2 or more players}

Print a Peek & Find board for each player and one set of cards. Cut out the cards.

Flip over a card and race to see who finds the object first on their board. Using Dot Paint with this game is fun!

Winner keeps the card.

Person with the most cards at the end is the winner!

See a video of my daughter and I playing {we were using the SPRING theme board in this video} …

Option #3 {sensory, fine motor activity}

Create a sensory bin and bury the cards.

Use a fine motor tool {child tweezers} to dig for cards and pull them out and then find the object on the Peek & Find board and mark it.

Option #4 {gross motor activity}

Hide the cards around the room and challenge your child to find one card at a time and bring it back to the board, find it, mark it, and repeat! This is a great version for those of you with energetic younger kids!

Options for marking the board…

  • Mini Pumpkins or Leaves
  • Dot Paint
  • BINGO Chips
  • Bottle Tops
  • Pouch Tops
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils
  • Beads
  • Mini Erasers
  • Beans

Want more November fun?

Grab our Bear Says Thanks Kindergarten Literature Unit and our Fall Mega Bundle!

Fall Mega Bundle  Bear Says Thanks Kindergarten Literature Unit


      Download your FREE Peek & Find Thanksgiving here!

      Thanksgiving Peek and Find


      Thanksgiving Printables and Ideas for Kids   Thanksgiving Books Editable Library Checklist

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      November 2019 Calendars for Kids

      November 2019 Printable Calendars for Kids

      We have our next free 2019 calendar for you! You can download both the tracing and dot version of our calendars for November 2019 for free at the bottom of this post!

          Slide17  Slide17


      2020 Sets Are Ready!!

      We have some sets for sale in our 1+1+1=1 Shop for those of you who want more! I went ahead and got the 2020 sets ready and bundled them with the remaining months of 2019! If you purchase a 2020 set, it will also come with the remaining 2019 months {benefitting those of who have not purchased a 2019 set yet}.

      Click on each image to see the individual sets…

      2020-Dot-Fun-Calendar-for-Kids3  2020-Tracing-Calendar-for-Kids3

      Or click here to get them all in a bundle deal!


      Learning ideas to go along with the tracing printables ~

      • At the beginning of each new month, trace the name of the month, the year, and color the focus picture.
      • Each new day, trace the number and talk about what day it is.
      • Practice counting each day up to the date.
      • Use 2 or 3 colors to write in each month to create a pattern.
      • At the beginning of each month go through and mark the special days {holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or anything your family celebrates}.  Have your child decorate those special dates so you can look forward to them!

      Learning ideas to go along with the dot fun printables ~

      • At the beginning of each new month, color the focus picture. If your child doesn’t like to color, color together…make it fun!
      • Each new day, dot paint the day, or use a dot sticker and talk about what day it is.
      • Practice counting each day up to the date.
      • Use 2 or 3 colors to create a pattern.

      Don’t have Dot Paint {or don’t want to be messy with little ones}?  Use Dot Stickers instead!

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      Get your Calendar Notebook covers here


      Looking for more calendar fun?

      Add these printables to our Calendar Notebook printables!


      Here’s one set up for homeschool calendar time we have had.  Lots of free printables!


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      Here’s our Calendar Connections for more fun learning!


      Download your free November 2019 Calendars here!


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      Turkey Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

      Turkey Coloring Pages (Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages) Post Preview: Looking for more intricate turkey coloring pages for some fall or Thanksgiving fun? Enjoy this free printable coloring book filled with 13 turkey coloring sheets. I really enjoyed offering up some fun coloring page sets for Easter with decorative Easter eggs to color and for […]

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      Free Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks to Color

      Free Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks to Color Post Preview: You will find a free printable set of four color your own Thanksgiving bookmarks for kids. The bookmarks feature turkeys, pumpkins, leaves, and more with Thanksgiving messages. There are also more links to free printable bookmarks for kids. Thanksgiving is coming up in just a few weeks! […]

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      Take Your Kids to An Honor Flight Homecoming

      Looking for a way to honor our veterans? Take your kids to an Honor Flight Homecoming!  This is a wonderful way to express our gratitude, respect, and appreciation for our elderly veterans!  

      My 91-year old grandpa recently moved in with my parents. He is still extremely independent but found himself needing assistance with meals and housekeeping. Prior to this year, he has lived over 9 hours away. Getting to see him on a weekly basis, as opposed to just once a year, has been an immense blessing to me and my family.

      My grandpa served in the Korean War. Like most veterans of that era, he does not like to talk about the war or the horrors he endured. He does, however, have an unparalleled appreciation for this country and is extremely proud to be an American.

      Papa Dillon (as we call him) recently had the immense honor of participating in our state’s Honor Flight program. This important organization allows veterans to fly to Washington, D.C. to stay for two nights and tour all of the memorials.

      The organizers of the Honor Flight invite family, friends, and individuals in the community to come to the airport when these heroes arrive home from their 2-day trip. They told us that this is one of the most poignant parts of the trip for these veterans. We decided to take our kids out of school for this opportunity and I am so thankful we did!

      There were school groups as well as many volunteers and patriotic organizations present at the Honor Flight Homecoming. Attending a special event such as this one is yet another one of the ways that children can honor veterans.

      Watching the elderly veterans enter the baggage claim area to crowds cheering and applauding brought tears to my eyes. In the case of the Vietnam vets especially, this homecoming was much different than the jeering insults they endured after serving their time in Vietnam.

      Take Your Kids to An Honor Flight Homecoming

      Looking for a way to include your kids in honoring a veteran (or dozens of veterans)? Everyone is invited to attend an Honor Flight Homecoming…the more people, the better!

      Make some signs, wear patriotic colors, and bring some flags to wave!

      You can find information on the Honor Flight Network but I would also encourage you to look for more specific information for Honor Flights in your state by googling “Honor Flight <State Name>”. Most of these nonprofit organizations will have a Facebook page with the most current information for their Homecoming ceremonies!