5th Grade Curriculum Choices

My youngest is entering 5th Grade and this is the curriculum I chose for the 2018-2019 school year.

Math: Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Math 5
Language Arts: The Good and The Beautiful Level 4
History: The Good and The Beautiful History Year 1
Science: The Good and The Beautiful; Arthropods, Human Body Part 1, Energy, Space Science ( not pictured)
Handwriting: The Good and The Beautiful Level 4
Writing: The Good and The Beautiful Creative Writing

It may seem that we are missing some subjects but The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts includes Geography and Art.

Chibi Chip Starter Kit

We were sent the Chibi Chip Starter Kit from Timberdoodle.
My boys were so excited to receive this coding set and we got started right away.
This is how the kit arrives and everything that comes in it.

The kit includes everything you need except 3 AA batteries. 
The book is a nice binder that has step by step learning instructions on how to light up an LED, code a light to blink, add a switch, fade in and out, and debugging. My only complaint was that the binder rings could have been a little bigger as it was difficult to turn pages with out tearing them.

We worked as a group on the coding projects as both of my boys are interested in coding. The Chibi Chip Starter Kit is part of the Timberdoodle 7th Grade Curriculum Kit
The first activity is creating a circuit and lighting an LED light. We laid down the copper tape as the books says and added the Chibi Chip Clip to the page and it lit up! The boys thought it was so neat! They were very amazed at how it worked. 
We moved on in the first section of the book and it showed us how we could add two more lights to the previous section and that all three would light up. So of course we had to try it out!
The last part of the first section included how to do turns and to create circuits with turns. They worked together and added lights all along the path. The lights lit just as they should and the boys again we so excited!


My favorite part of this kit was that not only was it hands on, but it was also very informative with how each aspect worked. They learned about electricity and circuits. We will be continuing through this kit over the school year and I can’t wait to see how much more they learn. 
If you are interested in the Chibi Chip Starter Kit head over to Timberdoodle to get it!
I highly recommend it! 
(I was given the starter kit in this review by Timberdoodle, but all opinions are my own)

The Day I Almost Quit and How God Worked it Out for Our Good

by Susan Pineda

How can I homeschool if my kids won’t do what I ask?

That is a really great question – an important, practical question. If it is a constant battle to get the work done, or worse – it seems impossible to get the work done, then what? Do I have to admit defeat and quit? Am I just not cut out for this?

I hit that wall once. It surprised me because it was about three years in to what had previously been very rewarding, productive homeschool years. What happened? I was “this close” to quitting. I am eternally grateful I did not quit. I thank God for the valuable life lessons I learned during that difficult time.

The Day I Almost Quit started out much like all the others – get up, get ready, have breakfast, read the Bible while the kids eat, dishes pile up, nag kids to get teeth brushed and back downstairs to start some (in my opinion) wonderfully captivating book work.

This is where my memory gets fuzzy. I don’t remember exactly what pushed my button hard enough to make mild-mannered-me pop a gasket, but I did pop, so much so that the kids were sent off to their rooms in wide-eyed shock. It had been building up since our first day of school that year!

This is where my memory is very clear. I planned to look into schools pronto, but first, biting back hot angry tears, I started off to the kitchen to wash the dishes that had somehow piled to cartoon proportions so I could “at least get something done around here.” I stopped in my tracks ambushed by a realization, “If I could not manage my own children, should I really send them away for someone else to do it for me?” Could that have been God? Maybe! I don’t know, but it sure got me thinking. I went straight to the couch and prayed my heart out.

Did God want me to homeschool? Would sending my kids to school be giving up on his path for us?

Hey! (Enter ray of hope.) Am I a manager? I had worked for several managers during my short career. I remembered how great it felt to work for a good boss. I was motivated, inspired, happy, and productive. I remembered how miserable it felt to work for a bad boss. I was anxious, confused, frustrated, and defeated. My prayers shifted to, “God, please let me be a good boss to my kids!”

When I was done praying, I invited the kids down to talk. We talked about responsibility, theirs and mine. We talk about living together with understanding and patience, bearing with one another in love. We talked about diligence, working with a cheerful heart, genuine humility, and most of all, love. We made a pact that day to work together to get the work done so we could have more fun together. We promised to work on listening, really listening to each other.

This hit home for me. So often I would jump to conclusions about their behavior or what they had to say. I needed to give them grace and help them learn how to express themselves maturely. So often they would react to my instructions with resistance, not thinking about the fact that Mom has feelings. We promised to listen to each other with humility, respect, and love. We were back on the same team!

I learned some growing can only happen through challenge. But God is faithful to provide what we need to grow. I learned homeschooling is really an extension of parenting. That was eye-opening. So I began to humbly work on my parenting skills. Because God himself gave me the responsibility to parent and homeschool, I needed to persevere. He was my good boss and model for me as manager to those He granted me authority to lead. God worked out that difficult year, that upsetting day, for our good.

God may call you to something different. For your own situation, whatever you are dealing with (special needs? health problems? caring for elderly parents?) God may call you to a different parenting/homeschooling approach, You can be confident if God has called you to homeschool, He will be faithful to provide what you need to do the job.

Susan and her husband, Greg began homeschooling their two children in September 1999, the month they moved to Ventura and joined the Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County (ACHEV). Greg and Susan have been leading ACHEV since 2016, honored to invest back into the group that faithfully nurtured them through their home education years.

Dont Be Afraid to Use Starts

by Christina Rivera

I’m not just a home school mamma; I’m also a huge fan of gardening. Most of my children have grown up ‘farm-schooling’. We used to struggle to plant from seeds with the idea that all ‘real’ gardeners always sow seeds. It was a struggle, and we didn’t always have the time because of seasons to get a harvest from these little seeds. It was disheartening. The game-changer for us was using starts. ‘Starts’ are plants that you can buy from the store that are still young enough to transplant, but old enough and hardy enough to grow quickly. We became experts on finding the nurseries that carried our favorites. We began having an amazing and fruitful experience.

I realized that sometimes my homeschool journey was similar to my gardening experience. When I first started out, I thought that ‘real’ homeschoolers always made up their own resources and set their own pace. Unfortunately, that meant many late nights planning, cutting, pasting, printing fun manipulatives, nursing a baby in the night, and an early morning scramble. After all this; the lessons were awkward. (Picture me reading out of a book and being really boring. Big kids rolling their eyes and littles fidgeting.) Because I was new, the lessons weren’t always age appropriate. Some of the children were bored because it was too easy and some exasperated because it was too hard. Not much of a crop for this gardener.

After a while, I began to get an idea of what was required of me. I understood what to expect of my children. It took time, experience, research, and older homeschoolers teaching me. Textbooks were a way that allowed me to gain this context. We started with Abeka, picking books out of their grade level selection. I was able to get an understanding of what to expect from my child. I was able to get an understanding of what was too much, or too little, for both the kids and myself. I started branching off as I found resources, many online, from beautiful ladies who had published their information, and gradually I found my nitch.

Now, I have my routine. My third set of children are enjoying the fruits of the early years. I can tweak our school to fit their needs and interests without re-creating the wheel. ‘Starts’ are amazing and they’re out there for all home educators, new ones and veterans alike.

As with anything, use discernment in determining which resources are the best fit for your family. Where will you get your ‘starts’? Only you can answer that question. Drafting a mission statement and defining goals for your homeschool can help give you direction. Once you’ve decided what your mission is and what your goals are, you can find a veteran homeschool mamma who did similar things you want to do. That’s your ‘start’. Go for it! Pick and choose.

CHEA also has many resources that can help you in this journey. They have printed resources that you can routinely reference, audio sessions you can listen to, and great blogs. You can use the names of CHEA speakers to check out their personal website and have a solid ‘start’ to your homeschool each year (or throughout the year). Their conferences are spectacular, and if you’re a member you can get free audios and discounts online in the bookstore and at their conferences. Check out their bookstore at www.cheaofca.org.

Homeschooling in Myrtle Beach

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Reviewing 1st grade addition amp subtraction facts

A customer asked me about reviewing addition/subtraction facts from 1st grade. The child is currently in 2nd grade but those facts continue to be a weak point, despite flash cards, daily drills on paper, and online drills in the past.

Here’s my answer…

Check out these videos, which show you how the addition facts are taught in MM grade 1.

Subtraction facts don’t need memorized separately. If you know that 5 + 4 = 9, from that you also know that 9 – 4 = 5 and 9 – 5 = 4. So, subtraction facts become “missing number” addition problems.

For example, 7 – 3 = ?

Think: which addition fact is this one: 3 + ___ = 7?

You can most likely make worksheets for her based on those videos.

Additionally, we offer FREE ONLINE practice for addition facts here, and using the fact families approach here.

And if you’d like actual books, check out these:



Hope this helps!

Seven Up – game for addition facts sums of 10

This week, CodeLover (my son) and I played this simple card game Seven Up… see https://mailchi.mp/911f9ade2135/seven-up

You simply deal seven cards face up, and if any two of them make 10, or is 10, you remove those. (You need to remove the face cards from the deck before playing.) Then you simply deal more cards to the empty places and keep on going.

If you can’t remove any of the cards, deal 7 new cards on top of your existing cards. This simple game is quite fun and practices sums with 10.

One question to ask is, do you always win? Can you always remove all the cards and have none left in the end of the game?

Another question you can ask your child is, can this be played so the sum of the cards you remove is 11? or some other number? 😃

Have fun!

Fruit of the Spirit Patience

Fruit of the Spirit


Oh how I wish this was something I was blessed with.  Something that came easy to me.

Unfortunately… I am definitely lacking in this department.  My mouth tends to move faster than my brain and that always gets me in trouble.  Yep – seriously lacking it here.

Ironically, when someone first hears that I homeschool my girls the (9 out of 10 times) that person says, “Oh I could never homeschool my kids.  I don’t have the patience.”  Which makes me laugh every single time!!!  If I waited for patience to all of a sudden hit me – I wouldn’t make it out of bed in the morning!!!

But patience is something we should be constantly working on – trying to reach.  It’s about learning to control your feeling, take that deep breath (or 20) and ask God to speak for you.  We are going to look at 5 verses that talk about the importance of it and the type of person who is able to show it.

Simply click on the image below and download your Fruit of the Spirit Study: Patience to join in.  I’d love to know your notes and take-away’s from today’s study – comment below or on the posts on Facebook and Instagram!

Click the image below for your Fruit of the Spirit Study: Patience

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study - Patience

You can find the entire Fruit of the Spirit Bibles Study on it’s dedicated page.  You’ll find links to each of the blog posts with the free downloads for you there.
Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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Fruit of the Spirit Peace

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study - Peace

Fruit of the Spirit


Peace.  It’s something every one of us is seeking.  Peaceful, calm, tranquil lives is a desire we have.  But life happens and we quickly loose that peaceful feeling.  It vanishes when someone wrongs you.  Gone when you’re hurting.  Lost when life turns upside down.

Peace is one of the Fruits of the Spirit for a reason.  God knows we desire it and He wants us to have it.  He desires to give it to us.

I struggle with having that peaceful spirit about me.  When things go wrong or hurt I tend to allow myself to dwell on it and remove myself from the one who an calm me.  I want to fix things or handle it myself instead of placing my frustrations before the Lord and allowing Him to calm my heart and mind.  I’m impatient.  When He doesn’t “fix it” or calm me (in a blink of an eye) I dig into that uneasy and angry feeling.

In these 5 verses we will take a look at what God is truly wanting in our lives – peace.  He’s going to show us that He has it waiting for His children all we need to do is ask.

Simply click on the image below and download your Fruit of the Spirit Study: Peace to join in.  I’d love to know your notes and take-away’s from today’s study – comment below or on the posts on Facebook and Instagram!

Click the image below for your Fruit of the Spirit Study: Peace

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study - Peace

You can find the entire Fruit of the Spirit Bibles Study on it’s dedicated page.  You’ll find links to each of the blog posts with the free downloads for you there.

Love Life, Love God, Live For HIM…

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