Praying God’s blessings on you and yours this Thanksgiving, US readers! 

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Oak Meadow’s curricula introduces subjects in a sequence that respects the developmental needs of children: In the early grades, students engage in active exploration of the world with wonder and curiosity.

In the middle grades, they explore accomplishments, conflicts, and relationships in the larger world, and in high school, students apply their knowledge to make a difference in their world. Learn more about their programs for PreK-12th grade here!

Now is the perfect time to plan a Christmas book Advent Calendar to help you prioritize reading aloud this December (& to get it ready now, before life gets too crazy!).

Find out how with All About Learning’s detailed instructions here, which also include numbered printable tags to use and ideas for how to display your calendar. The best part? No cost–you use books you already own for this fun surprise!

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